Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

As seniors age, accidents are an unfortunate occurrence. Often, without visual insight into the incident, taking the correct next steps can be challenging, risky and costly.

Video Verification Solution

With the Kami Vision Medical Alert Video Verification, visual verification of the current circumstances can be instantly confirmed.

With access to video stream, video clips and 2 way audio, the professional monitoring center can assess the situation and respond accordingly.

Video Verification Benefits:

Instant Confirmation

Instant visual confirmation provided through video stream or video clips.

2 Way Audio

2 way Audio allows for further clarification.

Reduce ER Visit & Medical Cost

Understanding the current situation can reduce ER visits and medical costs.

Alarm Button

Camera Turns On,
Privacy Lid Opens

Live Stream/Snapshot
Sent to Pro Monitoring

Camera Turns Off,
Privacy Lid Closes

How Video Verification Works

Video verification is simple to use and easy to install. Once the alarm button has been pressed, the camera turns on and the privacy lid opens.

The monitoring center agent handling the alarm will be able to review the video footage or live stream and respond accordingly.

This enables a quicker, more accurate medical response and reduces expensive false alarms.

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