We enable Vision AI to existing services

Existing camera providers are vertically integrated making vision AI solutions expensive, complicated and slow to market. Your business needs a faster, smarter solution at an affordable price to ensure you have the competitive edge.

Kami Vision is the industry’s first open platform for Vision AI with a full set of analytics that addresses SMB and consumers needs such as home security, PERS (Personal Emergency Response System), insurance and theft prevention at POS. Our device agnostic approach allows you to integrate with service providers using existing hardware and leverage AI models to deliver best in class solutions. Thereby saving dollars and significantly reducing your time to market. Learn how Kami Vision can increase efficiencies and savings by requesting a demo.

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Business Applications


Pose Identification


Footfall Measurement


People Tracking


Vehicle & License Plate Detection


Fire Hazard Detection


Water Damage

Business AI Models

Food Quality Detection System

A complete system of visual sensors designed to
recognize the signs and shapes of rotten vs. fresh
produce. Reduce waste, improve food quality and
operational efficiency.

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Fall Alert System

A complete system of visual fall detection sensors
that keep seniors safe and alert their caregivers of a
fall, 24/7.

Notifications with playback video and two-way talk
make it easy to verify if assistance is needed. User
data is kept private with all actions performed
locally on the device.

Facial Recognition

Map, analyze and confirm the identity of a face in a video. Processed locally for
maximum privacy. Powered by Edge computing and advanced AI. Map unique
features, name the face data and store it on the camera device.

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People Counting

Crowd control, venue and workplace safety.
AI-sensors detect humans and identify the
population density of a crowd.

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Vehicle Detection

Smart cities, highway management, parking lot
safety. Vision-based sensors are trained to identify
cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Web & Mobile Apps

Ease of access with desktop and mobile apps.


Business Use Cases

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