Kami Insight

Add intelligence and eliminate latency issues, with no additional hardware costs.
Kami Vision’s Edge AI solution can be installed using existing infrastructure without
causing dust or disruption.

  • Smart Detections

    Track and validate your alerts in real-time.
  • Customer Demographics

    Know your customer by age, gender and frequency of visit.
  • Traffic Analysis

    Track customer movements in-store, including number of visits, time spent and hourly foot traffic.

Kami Insight Solution Benefits:

Retail Analytics

Customer Demographics

With the Kami AI Cube, you can track your customer demographics seamlessly.

Traffic Analysis

In addition to that, we also provide traffic analysis in within the software.


Data statistics are included so you can evaluate claims based on quantitative evidence.

Easy Deployment

Low-power edge computing box designed for easy deployment, on-site or on-the-move.

Data Processing

Process a large amount of data in the field

Cloud Storage

Only specified events are sent to the cloud for storage.

AI On the Edge

Running AI on the edge increases privacy, reduces latency and decreases cost.

Connects to Existing Installation

Add intelligence to existing infrastructure with no additional hardware costs.

VMS Comparison with Edge AI Box

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