A complete, edge-based vision AI platform designed for developers and organizations to easily build and maintain computer vision solutions with minimal time and effort. Including a suite of core services, video streaming, analytics and storage, mobile SDKs and camera firmware with edge AI.

Features include:

  • Device Management
  • Access Control
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Video Streaming, Analytics & Storage
  • Rules and Event Management
  • OTA Updates
  • Multi-Level Hierarchical Design
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Kami Vision AI Models

Kami Vision develops light-weight cutting edge AI models using deep learning techniques. Utilizing the Kami AI Platform, these AI models easily enable IP cameras to provide detailed information about what is happening on the premises.

Current AI models:

  • Person detection
  • Vehicle detection
  • Animal detection
  • Package detection
  • Fall detection
  • Face detection
  • Demographics analysis - Gender and age

Highly accurate, these AI models reduce the number of false alerts or alerts generated by irrelevant activity, for example a tree blowing in the wind triggered by motion detection, and empower the user to remotely monitor their home or business with confidence.

Fall Detection

First of its kind, Fall Detection is a stand alone system that was built to help minimize the risks associated with a fall, whilst respecting individual privacy.

How it works

Utilizing an Edge AI chip, our Fall Detection sensor captures the falls and alerts the designated caregivers.

Once an alert has been received, the caregiver has the ability to view the video or a live stream and initiate a conversation through 2-way audio. Our Fall Detection sensors are 99% accurate and help reduce false alarms and unneccesary medical costs, whilst ensuring the correct next steps are taken.

Fall Detection respects the indivduals privacy. The video is processed locally on the camera and is discarded if no fall is detected. The video is only sent for review when the AI detects a fall and this video will be blurred to protect confidentiality.

The Kami AI platform, on which Fall Detection runs, is built to an enterprise level of security and is trusted by millions of people world-wide.

Fall Detection is easy to install, utilizes the existing wifi, plugs into a standard electrical outlet and does not require charging.

Video Verification

Video verification, instantly confirm alerts through visual verification.

In the event of a safety or security incident, without visual insight, taking the correct next steps can be challenging, risky, and costly.

How It Works

Video Verification runs on the Kami AI Platform allowing access to video stream, video clips and 2-way audio. This enables a quicker, more accurate diagnosis of the emercency allowing for the appropriate response.

For privacy oriented use cases, such as Personal Emercency Response System (PERS), a camera lid can cover the lens, and the camera will only turn on when the alarm button is pushed. The lid then opens allowing the video footage or live stream to be viewed.

Easy to install and running on existing wifi, video verification can reduce false alarms and provide peace of mind.

Kami Cloud VMS

Kami Cloud Video Management System

Adding Intelligence to IP cameras.

How it works

The Kami Cloud Video Managment System adds intelligence to existing IP surveillance systems. By Introducing the Kami Edge AI Box the user can analyze video streams from their IP cameras using advanced AI models, store important events on the cloud and access event history through a web dashboard at any time, from a remote location.

A lightweight box with low power consumption, the Kami Edge AI Box is easy to install, without causing dust and disruption.

The Kami Cloud Video Management System is a solution that provides advanced survelliance insight to IP cameras, at an affordable price.

Customer Insight Solution

Increase Revenue with Insightful Consumer Behavior

Designed specifically for retail environments, Customer Insight Solution gathers insightful data into customer behavior. This intelligence can then be applied to increase growth and revenue.

Features include

  • Footfall Measurement
  • Queue Management
  • Heatmap
  • Gender Expression
  • Age Demographics

How it works

Customer Insight Solution is device agnostic and runs both on the Edge and in the Cloud.

Flexible and advanced, this intelligent solution provides customer insight at an affordable price.

Kami Vision Alarm Systems

Securing your home or business against the unwanted, or uninvited is central to peace of mind.

How it Works

Powered by the Kami AI Platform and using advanced vision AI models, the camera detects an event of a person, vehicle or animal. This event is then sent immediately for verification either through an app or 3rd party monitoring service.

Simple to use and easy to install, the Kami Home smart detections solution is advanced and affordable.

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