Solutions for Consumers

Alarm companies, medical alert companies, hardware

From protecting your customers’ property to ensuring the safety
of their loved ones, give them greater peace of mind by
incorporating vision-AI into your consumer-ready devices.

We partner with you to create customized AI solutions for your
hardware. Stand out from competitors, future-proof your products,
scale with ease.

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Consumer Applications


Face Detection


Human Detection

Group 621

Pet Detection


Water Damage Detection


Fire Hazard Detection

Group 620

Baby Monitoring

Consumer AI Models

Facial Recognition

Identify delivery people and keep the premises safe. Map, analyze and confirm the identity of a face in a video.

Processed locally for maximum privacy. Powered by Edge computing and advanced AI. Map unique features, name the face data and store it on the camera device.

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Package Detection

Vision sensors enable your users to identify deliveries and be notified when they arrive.

Pet Detection

Give pet owners peace of mind by keeping track of
furry friends in and around the home or at a
boarding location, watch their activities, be alerted
of movement and monitor health changes.

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Fall Alert System

A complete system of visual fall detection sensors that keep seniors safe and alert their caregivers of a fall, 24/7.

Notifications with playback video and two-way talk make it easy to verify if assistance is needed. User data is kept private with all actions performed locally on the device.

Consumer Use Cases

Hardware for Consumers

Outdoor Solutions

Smart, flexible and
competitively priced outdoor
cameras to suit all your
consumer needs.

Baby Solutions

Using the latest AI and Edge
computing technology, baby
solutions that provide peace
of mind.

Indoor Solutions

Smart, flexible and secure
cameras to suit all your
consumer needs.

Doorbell Solutions

Utilizing the power of Edge
computing and advanced AI,
it is the next step in smart

A Single integrated app for your home security.

A customizable suite of security hardware and advanced, AI-enabled firmware designed to bring home security solutions into the future.

Home security has never been more important. And many of us are juggling work while caring for family members. Fortunately, with technologies like Edge computing and vision intelligence, it’s easier than ever to make homes smarter and safer.

Kami Vision’s home capabilities offer smarter, more optimized security solutions for your consumers.

The suite of products includes:

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