DevOps Engineer Role

A Devops engineer combines the understanding of infrastructure provisioning, application packaging, deployment and programming.

The goal is to build automation around the following tasks: infrastructure provisioning in the cloud, application packaging into VMs or docker containers, application deployment, CI/CD, monitoring, logging and alerting. We expect the candidate to have done these tasks before in one of their previous roles.

At Kami Vision, we want to leverage the latest cloud technology in public clouds, infrastructure as code and server automation using programming in languages like terraform, python, ansible. One of the key goals of a devops engineer is to improve the overall productivity of other developers and the application release process.


1) Deploy infrastructure in one or more of the public clouds like AWS, GCP or Azure

2) Automate application packaging using docker containers

3) Deploy application using a set of containers and integrate with other cloud services used in the application

4) Automate deployment and monitoring using technologies like Kubernetes, APM tools and logging

5) Build a CI/CD pipeline for automated application testing as new checkins are done. This could be using tools like Jenkins.

6) Set up alerts for production deployment and integrate with one or more alerting tools

7) Work with developers to improve their productivity in writing code, testing and checkins

8) Work with SRE team to automate troubleshooting of various systems

Skills and Qualification:

1) Good understanding of cloud technologies like AWS, VMs, VPCs, security groups, S3, RDS

2) Experience in writing automation code using python, terraform and ansible

3) Knowledge of building monitoring and dashboards for an application using tools like nagios, prometheus etc.

4) Experience in setting up logging and alerting using ELK

5) Knowledge of best practices around cloud infrastructure deployment, security and compliance

6) Willingness to learn new tools, technologies and continuous improvement

7) Good team player who can work with developers, SREs and customer support teams

8) Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or software engineering is preferred

9) Prior work experience in doing automation on cloud is highly desired

10) Experience with docker containers, kubernetes or equivalent systems is required.

Job Category: Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bengaluru San Jose CA

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