Why Gender Diversity in AI Matters: 3 Important Women in AI You Should Know

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A quick Google search for “women in AI” produces an unsurprisingly short list of female-identifying tech leaders advancing artificial intelligence. Below the initial search results is Google’s, “People also ask” section. The first question: “Can girls study artificial intelligence?” Ironically, this algorithm that identifies commonly searched for questions offers evidence that there is a gender […]

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For the past three years at Kami we have poured our blood, sweat and tears into building a thriving security camera business that keeps five million consumers and their families safe in their homes. During that time we introduced 10 new products, established a company headquarters in San Jose, California, expanded our team to more […]

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Welcome to our new B2B blog where we’ll cover all things computer vision and artificial intelligence. We’re glad you found us. This is a space where we will share new product announcements, give you early access to feature releases and brag about our customers. You’ll get to know our team, hear how our engineers think, […]