Kami Vision: Driving AI IoT with Computer Vision

Enabling the next wave of intelligence with a
complete, edge focused computer vision platform.


Maximize ROI by tracking customer flow, analyzing behavioral patterns, optimizing merchandise decisions, and ensuring store management and security.


Improve quality of life and enable seniors to age in place with non-intrusive safety measures that can reduce fall risks and quickly dispatch emergency services if needed.

Residential security

Keep families, babies, children and pets safe at home with 24/7 surveillance including burglar protection, rapid emergency dispatch, human detection and real time alerts.


Ensure site safety by monitoring activity and regulatory compliance, gauging body temperature and preventing unauthorized access.

Pet Care

Give pet owners peace of mind by keeping track of furry friends in and around the home or at a boarding location, watch their activities, be alerted of movement and monitor health changes.

Computer Vision for Your Business

A complete, device-agnostic vision AI platform
trusted by 5 million users, backed by the power
of edge computing and advances in AI processing.

Cameras powered by Kami Vision software





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What Can Vision AI do for you?

Peace of Mind

Provide peace of mind and safer


Improve business operational
efficiency and productivity to
increase revenue.


Create value and actionable
insights from existing video
data at scale.

Come as You Are

We give you the framework and essential building blocks for incorporating vision AI into your
business, with flexible UI/UX options and whatever hardware you have. Everything you need to
quickly design and deploy vision AI models at scale.

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    What Inspires Us?

    The first generation of the Internet of Things solved a single problem with a connected solution. IoT 2.0 is all about smart solutions and actionable intelligence.

    Computer vision holds the power to help solve major challenges of our time including feeding a growing global population, emergency response and healthcare accessibility.

    We believe vision AI should be pervasive, easy to deploy and used to benefit humanity.

    We are powerful and trusted partners.

    We deeply understand our customers’ business challenges and create customized,
    device-agnostic solutions that let businesses and developers thrive with vision AI.

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